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We are an established sports company, founded with the vision to provide all-rounded services that are related to sports and well-being. Our services include Badminton Coaching, Sports Events Management, Sports Exchange and general Healthcare & Fitness programmes. Click on any of our programmes below to find out more.

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Longyan (China) Badminton Camp 2020

We led a contingent of young and aspiring badminton players to Longyan, a vibrant and scenic city in China, for sparring and sightseeing.

Cardio May Boost Memory and Brain Health

Cardio May Boost Memory & Brain Health

Cardio fitness has positive effects on the brain, which helps prevent diseases later on in life.


9 Ways To Stimulate Vagus Nerve Function For Better Gut & Mental Health

Learn how the vagus nerve affects health and what you should do to improve gut-brain communication.

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Our team comprises and knowledgeable professional to guide you on your journey to sports wellness and excellence.

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