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Xing Aiying 邢爱英



Personal Particulars
Name : Xing Aiying
Race : ChinesE
Citizenship : Singaporean
Year of birth : 1989


Sporting Achievements :
I have been representing Singapore in Badminton at international and regional competitions since 2003 winning medals at many of them. Best World Ranking was 31.

- 2013 Singapore National Championships WS Champion. USA Open GPG WS Quarter-final.
- 2012 Singapore National Championships WS Runner-up. Malaysia Open GPG WS Semi-final.Singapore Open SS WS Semi-final. Singapore International Series WS Champion.
- 2011 SEA Games Women's Team Bronze Medal. Singapore International Series WS Champion.
- 2010 Commonwealth Games Mixed Team Semi-final.
- 2009 SEA Games Women's Team Bronze Medal. Malaysia  GPG Quarter-final.
- 2008 Vietnam Open WS Runner-up. Qualified of Olympic Games WS. Thailand Open GPG Semi-final.
- 2007 Cheers Badminton Nationals WS Champion. World Junior Mixed Team Bronze Medal. SEA Games Women's Team Silver Medal.
- 2006 New Zealand Open WS Runner-up. Uber Cup(Finals) Quarter-Final. Asian Games Women's Team Bronze Medal. WS Quarter-final.
- 2005 Ballarat International Woman's Double Champion. WS Runner-up. Cheers Asian Satellite WS Runner-up. Bitburger Open WS Runner-up.
- 2004 USA Open WS Champion. Croatian International Woman's Double Runner-up.

Education Qualifications :
- Currently pursuing a Degree in Shanghai Institute of Physical Education
Jan 2006 - Jul 2006
- Obtained a Practitioner Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) certificate, NLP University Global Trainers And Consultants Network.
Jul 2005 - Sept 2005 
- Obtained a Principles of Marketing certificate, Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of Business.Jan 2005 - Feb 2005 
- Obtained a Measurement of Sport certificate, Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of Business.
Apr 2004 - May 2004 
- Attained PRE INTERMEDIA TWO in English, British Council Singapore.
Jan 2004 - Mar 2004  
- Completed the prescribed module of the National Critical Enabling Skills Training Programme,Personal Effectiveness,Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute Of Business.
Oct 2003 - Nov 2003  
 -Completed of the National I.T. Literacy Programme Module 1, 2&3, One learning Place Singapore.
Jul 2000 - Jul 2003   
- Obtained a Junior Middle School certificate, Gaochun No.2 School, Nanjing.


Work Experience :
Former ex National Team Badminton Player from 2003 ~ 2013.


Coaching Qualification:
Ncap Level 1 —— Theory course in Badminton.
Ncap Level 1 —— Technical course in Badminton.